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Lies and Deceit

Things are going' on in the CB world around here that shouldn't be happening.

There is a certain group of people that are taking the CB radio WAY too serious, so serious in fact that they've gotten completely out of control. There are recordings taking place, lies being told and the truth is being twisted beyond all reasoning. This certain group have started their own little CB church complete with preaching, prayer and choir singing every night, 7 days a week from 9:00 till 10:00 pm. They are in fact breaking several laws in doing this. This CB Church was born from a retired minister, his desire to preach the gospel and his lack of an appropriate venue. The worst part of this is the fact that most of these people are using religion rather than living religion. What I mean by that is that their so called religion is being used as a smoke and mirrors effect to hide who they really are rather than living honest, religious lives. My grandfather said to me a long time ago, "Son, don't believe anything you hear and only believe about half of what you see!" I was just a young boy at the time and didn't understand what he meant, but I never forgot it. It was some years later before I figured it out and if you don't understand what he meant then let me explain. People tend to present themselves as being one way when in actuality they are nothing like their presentation at all. Here is an example, I used to work for a man who would have you believe that the was very wealthy, yet the truth is that he was so far in debt he would never see daylight again. This man is no longer with us but in truth he was flat broke and living on credit.

One of these people who helped get this CB church started is very much like that except he presents himself as being disabled when in fact he never has been, he's just too sorry and lazy to get a job. He and his family live in poverty because he refuses to join the taxpaying Americans in getting up and going to work every day. He uses this to his advantage if you could call it that, by playing on the CB communities' sympathy. He's been trying to get on disability for at least the past 9 years that I've known him and none of the numerous Doctors that he's been to will deem him disabled, so he chooses to bring his children up in filth and poverty, rather than get a job and provide for them the way that most other men do for their families. This is the man who we'll refer to as JERK in the following story. He is a habitual liar at best, lying to himself and others for as long as I've known him. Although he's a high school dropout and never had any professional training he also presents himself as an Electronics Technician, he even went so far as to announce over the radio that he had just graduated a 4-year course at the local technicalschool and was now a "Certified Electronics Technician". First off, the local tech school doesn't offer a 4-year course of any kind. When an actual graduate started asking about certain teachers, he didn't know any of them, even though he had "just graduated" from Tech School. CAUGHT IN ANOTHER LIE! REDHANDED, ON THE AIR! Why do people do this? What makes them this way? He now has a group of sympathizers bluffed to the point that they defend his every move and action. How blind could they be? It's become very nearly a cult in my personal opinion.

Okay, so this fellow has a small following of really blind or very dumb people that practically worship him for whatever reason. He is now presenting himself as a God fearing Christian and knowledgeable about the bible and religion. He's also been known to be a Doctor, a Lawyer, and several other types of professional through the years, at least in his own mind. One of his, for lack of a better word, 'followers' had a baby that died when it was about 2 or 3 weeks old. Jerk explained to this man and every one else on the radio that "God didn't take this child, the DEVIL did!" WHAT?!? No joke, he did that on the air! Another one of his followers had an uncle pass away recently and he proceeded to comfort her as well with "God didn't take your uncle, the DEVIL did!" EXCUSE ME?!? Did he really say that again? What kind of Christian is he anyway? What GOD is he really worshiping? Which Bible taught him that kind of crap? I can only guess that in his case and some of his 'followers', IGNORANCE IS BLISS! This guy, Jerk, is all smoke and mirrors. All of these people who I call his 'followers' or sympathizers have got to be wearing blinders AND some very dark sunglasses if they can't see him for what he actually is, and I truly feel sorry for them. I've even warned a few, but they're to blind to see right now. They will though, believe me, but they'll get burned by him before they do.

Now, on to the story I mentioned earlier, it's about a man 'JERK' burned in the past and the resulting effects!!!. It's the story about a liar and a thief that likes to call himself an "Electronics Technician", beware of who take your radio to for repairs! This is a TRUE story, I know, I was there! Mind you, it probably isn't word for word, but you'll get the gist of the story. The handles have been changed to protect the innocent, if there are any, and to prevent liability on my behalf. Any similarities are purely coincidence and not intentional. The guilty parties know who they are so there's no need to tell them. This is a story about a situation that could very well be the end of CB in Northeast Georgia, I hope not, but I believe it will be and you will see what I mean by the time you finish reading this. You can draw your own conclusions and make your own decisions about how you operate in the future.

Here in our area there is an 'alleged' radio technician who we'll call JERK. About seven or eight years ago there was a man who moved here and set up his radio but being a stranger here he didn't know anyone to do repairs on his equipment, we'll call him YANK. (no offense intended) He brought some pretty nice and expensive equipment with him when he moved here, but one of his amplifiers needed some work on it. Well Ol' Jerk told him he could fix it for him and Yank said that would be great and he sure would appreciate it. So here goes Yank, he loads up his nice Hallicrafters HT-45 Loudenboomer amplifier and heads off down to Jerk's place to get it fixed. When he gets down to Jerk's place and meets this guy, he's kind of leery about him. The house is filthy and falling down around them, literally! Jerk has four kids and his ol' lady is, well, for lack of a better or politically correct word, rather large. Jerk tells him that he is disabled and can't go out and get a regular job so radio repair is all he can do. Yank feels real sorry for him now and decides to go ahead and let him see what he can do with the Loudenboomer.

Jerk checks out the amp and tells Yank that it's going to cost some large amount of money to fix it cause it needs a new tube and some other parts. Those 3-500Z tubes are expensive you know! Well Yank tells him that he'll have to wait a while to do all that, since he had just moved here money was a little tight and he really can't afford all that right now. Jerk had other plans in the back of his head for that Loudenboomer, he wanted it for himself! He says "Yank, I tell you what, I know you want to get on the air and I've got this Varmint 450 here that I'll trade you for that ol' Loudenboomer and that Varmint will do nearly 1000 watts." Yank thinks about it a little bit and under the circumstances he decides that he might be just as well off with the Varmint if it will do 1000 watts. He says "Well hook it up and let's see it on the meters." Sure enough, Jerk hooks it up and that ol' Varmint was doing close to 1000 watts, little did Yank know that Jerks meters had been loosened up a bit. Yank says "OK I'll trade you." And the deed was done!

Jerk was tickled pink! The only thing wrong with the amp was that it had been run a little hotter than it should have been, the solder had melted out of the legs of the tube and the tube socket was loose. Jerk told me this himself, straight from the horses mouth! Jerk keyed it up two days later and was bragging on his new amp! Meanwhile, Yank discovered that the Varmint wasn't doing anywhere near 1000 watts on a good meter and it didn't even belong to Jerk in the first place! Yank returned it to the rightful owner and said he would just get his amp back from Jerk. This is where things start to get a little bit complicated and troublesome. Ol' Jerk refused to return the amp, even though Yank was willing to pay him for the repairs. Now technically the amp was Jerks since they had traded, even though the amp he had traded didn't belong to him, but morally he was wrong, VERY wrong! He had taken extensive advantage of a fellow CB'er for his personal gain, it wasn't the first time he had done that, or the last! He has done the same thing to numerous fellow CB'ers before that and since then.

Needless to say Yank was, and still is very ticked of about the whole deal! He goes to the local sheriff's department to file a complaint and press charges against Jerk. The local sheriff's department told him that it was a civil matter and they weren't going to get involved, leaving Yank at a loss as to what he should do about the situation. He was short on money for a lawyer, out one very nice amplifier and still very ticked off. He chose to handle it by ridiculing Jerk into returning the amp on the air, which turned into a cuss fight and only got worse over time. Jerk wasn't about to let him have the amp back and Yank was intent on having it back. If it had been me, I would have just went over to Jerk's place and gotten my amp back, even if it meant violence was a part of it! Now the cussin' and fussin' has continued for the past seven years and in the process all of the other new CB'ers in town who felt just as sorry for Jerk as Yank originally did, had to join in the cussin' and fussin', creating a massive argument between them and Yank.

Seven years later and Yank is still ticked off about the amp, abunch of cry babies and back stabbers are mad at Yank and Jerk has suddenly decided that religion is the way to go. He can hook a few more suckers if he can make them believe that he's seen the light and made things right with the man upstairs even though he stole Yanks amp and a few others along the way. It's not hard to do, just tell them that the radio or amp they brought in for repairs isn't worth fixing, it would cost too much! Chances are they'll believe you and let you have it for junk, that way you can fix it for about five or ten dollars and sell it for a huge profit! Yea, Yea, that's the ticket!!!

There's still another individual in particular that needs to be introduced. We'll just call him DEMON; although he's not a part of the CB Church, he fits right in with Jerk's little religious group and thinks he is Billy Badass! Now Demon is tired of all the cussin' and fussin', and all the while he's stirring up more cussin' and fussin'! He's the kind of guy that will walk up with a smile on his face and be your best friend until he gets what he wants and pats you on the back as he's leaving. Just watch out for the knife that he shoves into your back when he leaves! He likes to run that mouth about other people and then go straight to that person to talk about you and tell them lies about what you said or didn't say! Like I said, he thinks he is a bad ass, and just to prove it, he decides to go to the sheriff's department and file charges against Yank. Now he's not real sure what he has to do, what laws Yank has broken, or even if any have been broken. Demon goes to see the local magistrate judge for some advice, who by the way isn't supposed to give legal advice, and gets some free legal advice! He gets himself a tape recorder and starts recording anything and everything that goes out 'on the air'! Now he's armed and dangerous! He goes and files charges against Yank for Disorderly Conduct, Stalking, and Criminal Defamation. He serves a bunch of subpoenas and gets a hearing set up to see if there is enough evidence to prosecute Yank. Jerk and all of the rest of his little 'Cult' or whatever you want to call them are ecstatic, they're all beside themselves with excitement because it looks like they are gonna' get a chance to tear a man down and stomp him in the mud! I'm talking about total destruction! He's already a victim of what I consider to be 'Theft by Deception', he's lost his amp, pissed off and now they want him in jail for a long, long time.

They go to the hearing, all 30 of them prepared to testify or subpoenaed to appear, they play their tapes and tell a few lies which further ticks off Yank, he gets a little excited and raises a ruckus. The judge decides that there is enough evidence to go forward with the case and places him under arrest. Well he stands up and places his hands behind his back for the deputy to handcuff him. Once he is cuffed the deputy starts to manhandle him and shoves him toward the exit. As they approach the door the deputy has him bent over double by the cuffs and his hair. Rather than have his head shoved into the door Yank raised his knee to open the door, Jerk yells out "He kicked the door! Did you see that? He kicked the door!" This is not good, now the judge cites him for contempt of court and gives him 10 days in jail. He's an over the road truck driver and his company probably isn't going to be real happy about that truck sitting still for ten days straight, he could lose his job over this thing and the 'Cult' is just squirmin' with joy! They can't wait to get him in court and prosecute him on all of the original charges, and if they win that they plan on suing him for the "maximum amount the law will allow". If they succeed he will probably lose everything he has including his house.

Now I don't agree with or condone neither his actions nor the way he has handled the whole affair, but these people are calling themselves 'Christians' and yet they have every desire to destroy this man totally. They have no idea how serious a situation they've created, all because of the CB radio and a stolen amplifier. They've taken practically all the pleasure and fun out of talking on the CB radio. Also, Yank won't go down without a fight. He'll hire a lawyer and start building his defense, which will probably include the FCC since all of these people are operating what the FCC considers illegal stations. All of their equipment is either modified beyond FCC compliance, export radios, or amateur rigs that have been modified to operate on CB, not to mention all the illegal amplifiers and over height antennae. When the FCC gets involved they aren't going to stop with Jerk, Demon or Yank, they're going to get all of us, each and every one of us in Northeast Georgia and maybe into South Carolina. Hence, nobody wins and everybody loses, whether Yank is found guilty or not. This has become way to serious for me, I'm selling everything I have and getting out of the CB radio for a while. I think too much of me, my wife and my life to let the CB radio ruin what I've got or get into trouble for operating illegal equipment and face outrageous fine from the FCC. I love my radio, but it just ain't worth it anymore. All of this as a result of one very stupid, useless, half assed, alleged radio technician along with his lies and deceit. Congratulations ACEHOLE, er, I mean JERK!!! You've managed to destroy a great hobby, for EVERYONE!!!

CORRECTION! As I stated in the beginning, this tale wasn't word for word and I stand corrected on a couple of points. Here is what YANK has to say about it.

Monday 10/24/2005 1:24:45am
Name/Handle: yank
Home Channel: 19
Referred By: Friend
City/State: aberdeen md
Country: usa
Comments: there are some mistakes in your story. i made the mistake of allowing that cb trash carry the amp in question from my house in d'ville. on the terms that he would fill the cap with p2b oil. (an ingredient in the making of meth, imagin that)he said he could get all it would need. i never took it to his house and i never wanted to trade for that cb amp. he tried to trade me some one elses property that cb amp. and your right it is the end is near. I learned a thing or two from charlie (fcc) don't you know. Now the fcc has a chopper in the air and cb trash better stay away from jot-em down road.

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