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10 Codes & More..

Did I hear somebody callin' for the "Phantom"?...
That break out there for "Phantom" 10-28...
That breaker for the "Phantom", I'm 10-1 on this end. 10-9.
I'm still 10-1 here, 10-27 to channel 28 for 10-71.
10-50 channel 28, how 'bout that unit out there callin' the Phantom?
Yeah, 10-4 I'm 10-2 now. What's your 10-20?

If the above seems like gobbledy-gook to you, then here is a list of the 10 codes used and more!

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CB 10-codes
10-1= Receiving poorly
10-2= Receiving well
10-3= Stop transmitting
10-4= OK, message received
10-5= Relay message
10-6= Busy, stand by
10-7= Out of service, leaving air
10-8= In service, subject to call
10-9= Repeat message
10-10= Transmission completed, standing by
10-11= Talking too rapidly
10-12= Visitors present
10-13= Advise Weather/Road conditions
10-16= Make pick up at
10-17= Urgent business
10-18= Anything for us?
10-19= Nothing for you, return to base
10-20= My location is
10-21= Call by telephone
10-22= Report in person to
10-23= Stand by
10-24= Completed last assignment
10-25= Can you contact
10-26= Disregard last information
10-27= I am moving to channel
10-28= Identify your station
10-29= Time is up for contact
10-30= Does not conform to FCC rules
10-32= I will give you a radio check
10-34 = Trouble at this station
10-35= Confidential information
10-36= Correct time is
10-37= Wrecker needed at
10-38= Ambulance needed at
10-39= Your message delivered
10-41= Please turn to channel
10-42= Traffic accident at
10-43= Traffic tie up at
10-44= I have a message for you
10-45= All units within range please report
10-50= Break channel
10-60= What is next message number?
10-62= Unable to copy, use phone
10-63= Net directed to
10-64= Net clear
10-65= Awaiting your next message/assignment
10-67= All units comply
10-70= Fire at
10-71= Proceed with transmission in sequence
10-77= Negative contact
10-81= Reserve hotel room fo
10-82= Reserve room for
10-84= My telephone number is
10-85= My address is
10-91= Talk closer to the mike
10-93= Check my frequency on this channel
10-94= Please give me a long count
10-99= Mission completed, all units secure
10-200= Police needed at

These are the "Q" codes that are used when talking on Single Side Band (SSB).

CQ = General Call
QSA = What is the signal strength?
QRG = Tell me exact frequency
QSB = Are my signals fading?
QRH = Does frequency vary?
QSD = Is my keying defective?
QRI = How is tone of transmission?
QSG = Send... message at one time
QRK = Readability of signal is
QSL = Acknowledge receipt
QRL = Are you busy? I am busy
QSM = Repeat last message
QRM = Manmade interference
QSO = Communicate direct or via relay
QRN = Static
QSP = Will you relay to...?
QRO = Increase power
QSV = Send series of V's
QRP = Decrease power
QSW = Will you send on this frequency?
QRQ = Send faster
QSX = Shall I switch to another frequency?
QRS = Send slower
QSY = Switching frequencies
QRT = Stop sending
QSZ = Send each group twice
QRU = Do you have anything for me?
QTA = Cancel message
QRV = Are you ready? I am ready
QTB = Do you agree with number of words?
QRW = I am calling on... frequency
QTC = How many messages to you have to send?
QRX = What is the next schedule?
QTH = Location
QRZ = Who is calling?
QTR = Exact time

Truck Driver Jargon

These are some of the words and terms you will hear truck drivers use while traveling America's highways.
Back door= last vehicle in a convoy
Barefoot= running a CB radio without a linear
Bear= law enforcement officer
Bear bait= wreckless driver / speeder
Bear cave / bear den= police station
Bear in the air= police using aircraft / helicopter
Beat the bushes= watch for speed traps (lead vehicle)
Beaver= female
Big wheel= the boss
Bird dog= radar detector (fuzzbuster)
Black & white= Texas state trooper
Blowing the windows out= your signal is loud
Bobtail= a truck without a trailer
Bounce around= to pass in a hurry
Bull hauler= a driver hauling cattle
Camera= police radar gun
Candyman= FCC inspector
Cash box= toll booth
Catch you on the flip= see you on the return trip
Chain gang= a CB radio club
Chicken coop= weigh station
Chicken inspector= weigh station inspector
Christmas lights= red & blue lights on a police car
City kitty= local police officer
Come back= repeat what you just said
Come on= your turn to talk
County mounty= county police officer
Counting chickens= weighing trucks (at a weigh station)
Customer= someone pulled over by a police officer
Double-nickel= 55 MPH
Driver= truck driver
Draggin' wagon= tow truck
Drop the hammer= speed up
Evil Knievel= police officer on motorcycle
Eye in the sky= police aircraft/helicopter
Feed the bears= pay your traffic ticket
Flip= return trip
Flip-flop= U-turn
Footwarmer= linear amplifier or modulator for CB radio
Four wheeler= passenger car / pickup truck
Front door= the lead vehicle in a convoy
Full-grown= state trooper
Georgia overdrive= neutral gear
Got your ears on?= Is your CB radio on?
Hammer= accelerator pedal
Hammer lane= the fast lane
Hand= truck driver
Kojak with a Kodak= police officer with a radar gun
Land line / Double L= telephone
Local yokel= municipal police officer
Lot lizard= working girl (found in truckstop parking lots)
Mama bear= female police officer
Meat wagon= ambulance
Minding my business= driving legally (not speeding, etc)
Negatory= no
Plain white wrapper= unmarked police car painted white
Rocking chair= middle vehicle in a convoy
Seat cover= female (usually young & good-looking)
Six pack= straight truck / delivery van (usually has 6 wheels)
Smokey= police officer
Smokey bear= police officer
Suicide jockey= driver hauling explosives
Taking pictures= shooting radar (police officer)

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