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On August 6, 2006 we lost one of our great CB friends, Billy Wilson. Billy was not known as "Billy" to a lot of people. He had an entire family in the radio world that knew him as Whiskey Maker, (Unit 131). It's strange how a nickname or CB Handle can over take your identity and leave your real name a mystery to so many people. The CB Radio is full of all types of people, good and bad, and most people on the radio are both good and bad at one time or another. But situations like this will show who your real friends are. Whiskey Maker was a good friend to me and my family. He will be missed but not forgotten. And although someone may come along and take his place in our lives, noone can ever replace him. Besides, it's not saying good-bye to an ole friend, he's just standing by for better conditions. God Bless you Whiskey Maker, over.
All of your Pals from Channel 35 (Hull, GA )

Whiskeymaker, tell Handyman hello when you get to that big Radio Room in the sky. Ya'll keep 'em straight up there! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Wilson family. God bless you all in your time of loss.
Phantom 714 Express (Danielsville, GA )

Lies and Deceit

There is a certain group of people that are taking the CB radio WAY too serious, so serious in fact that they've gotten completely out of control. There are recordings taking place, lies being told and the truth is being twisted beyond all reasoning. This certain group have started their own little CB church complete with preaching, prayer and choir singing every night, 7 days a week from 9:00 till 10:00 pm. They are in fact breaking several laws in doing this. This CB Church was born from a retired minister, his desire to preach the gospel and his lack of an appropriate venue. The worst part of this is the fact that most of these people are using religion rather than living religion. What I mean by that is that their so called religion is being used as a smoke and mirrors effect to hide who they really are rather than living honest, religious lives. My grandfather said to me a long time ago, "Son, don't believe anything you hear and only believe about half of what you see!" I was just a young boy at the time and didn't understand what he meant, but I never forgot it.(Read More...)

Years Gone By

I found this little bit of nostalgia on how the cb world affected someone. Here it is, read and enjoy......

Years Gone By "Breaker, breaker channel 10 for a smokey report.".......boy how times have changed! In the summer of 1974 I bought my very first CB radio. It was a used Robyn WV-23. I also bought top of the line antennas, factory co-phased Hustlers on gutter mounts. I got a radio check from Virginia and I was in the hills of Kentucky. I didn't have a clue what "talking skip" meant. Within a week I was invited to a local house to see a base station. It was a five-channel Johnson. Not channels 1,2,3, but channels A, B, C, D, E. I was amazed. The CB was now my hobby. I spent hours in my car, day and night, just so I could "ratchet jaw." Later I would learn, quite by accident, exactly what skip was. While babysitting for my sister and her husband in 1977, I was talking on his base station. A lady in Texas, while I was in Florida, said hello and asked me where I was. When I told her, she surprised me by telling me where she was. I was so excited. I didn't know what to do. I wished her well and signed off with my brother-in-law's F.C.C. issued license number. When they returned home, he was, to say the least, adamant in teaching me the do's and dont's of skip talking. Don't give out your address or "call numbers" while talking skip, (more than 100 miles away).(Read More...)

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