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"Phantom" CB

Channel 35
BREAK 35...
BREAK on the channel!
Anybody got a grip on this little bitty radio?
Ol' "Phantom" 'round these north Ga. backwoods callin'!

This page is in recognition of everyone that I have spoken to on the Radio,
and the ones that I WILL be speaking to in the future!

I'll start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a die hard C.B.'er from way back.
My father bought our first radio, a HyGainII, in 1973. From that day on I've been hooked!
Back then, you had to have a CB license to talk on the radio and our call letters were KZN-0372.
My dad's handle was the "One Armed Bandit" and my mom went by "Skeptember" when she talked, which wasn't often. In the beginning I called myself the "Stickshift Kid" or "Double S K". Our first "base" station was a Midland 13-882B mobile, a Radio Shack power supply and a 1/4 wave ground plane on about a 20' pole. About 6 months later we got a REAL base station, a Lafayette Comstat 25B, which was a 23 channel tube type radio and when it got warmed up that radio would really talk! At the same time we put a Sigma V 5/8 wave ground plane up in the top of an 80 foot tall pine tree. After that my motto became "Antenna, Antenna, Antenna!"

My first personal radio was a Channel Master 40 channel PLL mobile which I took to the local radio shop and had peaked and tuned. When I got it back that radio would key 8 watts and swing nearly 35 watts! I have had a LOT of different radios since then and still have a few, but I talk on my favorites. I run a President Grant in my mobile with a Master Blaster antenna, and in my wife's mobile, a Cobra 148 with a Master Blaster antenna.

My base station now, is an Cobra 2000 GTL with an Astatic Night K Eagle microphone hooked to an "Astroplane" replica sticking about 12 feet out the top of a 56 foot tower. I have a set of Jo Gunn Smokin' Gunn II beams that I'm going to put on the tower and shoot the "Astroplane" on up above the beam. We're located in NE Ga. and have a pretty good crowd talking on Channel 35. (27.355)

Next time you're in the NE Ga. area, or the skip conditions are good, give us a shout!
We'd love to hear from ya' and talk back to ya' if we can make that trip!

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